SalaryGap Partners

Founded by Bill Graham and Bill Jolicoeur, SALARYGAP Partners brings hundreds of years of insurance experience together to deliver a truly new and unique product to the insurance marketplace. SALARYGAP Partners allows you to customize your program to meet the needs of your business and its stakeholders. SALARYGAP Partners brings expertise in product management, underwriting, policy issuance, sales, claims, billing, customer service, training, technology, account development and marketing.


Everest is a global underwriting leader providing best-in-class accident and health, property, casualty, and specialty insurance solutions. Everest Reinsurance Company and Everest Denali (CT, HI)  are  admitted companies in 50 states . Known for its 50-year track record of disciplined underwriting, capital, and risk management, Everest maintains a A+ Superior rating from A. M. Best and A+ Strong from S&P.

DirectWeb Administrative Services, LLC

DirectWeb Administrative Services, LLC, d/b/a Genius Avenue, is located in Tucson, Arizona, partners with the Wage Protector® Program to provide technology and administrative services nationally. Genius Avenue is insurance and benefits experts with decades of experience in the industry with a mission to deliver great benefits, health and financial wellness products, and improve people’s lives by creating platforms built with innovative technology, cutting-edge digital payments, consumer marketing, and outstanding client-centric design. Genius Avenue maintains SOC, SOCII, PCI, and HIPAA A certifications. They are NACHA certified through their payment rails partner for ACH transactions.   Their technology is deployed using Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Allied National

Allied National is a 90 Degree Benefits Company and the small group health benefit expert for groups of two or more. The company was established in 1970 as a third-party administrator (TPA) and works with agents and small businesses to provide unique and affordable products and administrative services.  Allied National is the claims administrator (TPA) for the Wage Protector® Program.